I have been helping people stop addictions in Brighton and Egham for the last 15 years.

My aim is to build on your wish to break the habit and give you the means to make it happen.

Hypnotherapy can be successful in treating psychological dependency. It can help you remove cravings and control the unconscious habits which sustain the dependency. It can address the issues which led to the dependency and help you gain the confidence to move on with your life and leave the addiction behind.


Types and Stages of Addiction

There are two types of addiction - either involving substances or behaviours. Substances can range from certain foodstuffs where addiction is less likely, such as chocolate and caffeine, through legal addictive substances such as alcohol and nicotine, on to illegal highly addictive substances. Behaviours include video games, pornography, shopping and many others.

Initially the substance or behaviour is a source of pleasure or relief from problems. Each time the effects wear off then there is a natural desire to get those feelings back again. This can lead to psychological dependency, and also, in the case of some substances, physical dependency.

Physical dependency means the body and brain have adapted to the substance and physical withdrawal symptoms will be felt without it. This is more likely in the case of the most addictive illegal substances, but can also apply, for example to nicotine and alcohol.

Psychological dependency means the mind has come to rely on the substance or behaviour and symptoms such as cravings and irritability will result without it. The subconscious mind has learnt this and will resist conscious attempts to change it.


If you think you may be addicted then you should consult your doctor who can ensure that your withdrawal is medically supervised, provide you with any support network considered necessary and help with physical withdrawal symptoms.

Once any physical dependency has been addressed there remains the psychological dependency. This can be very strong and needs to be dealt with successfully for long term success. The hardest part can be staying off the addiction after initial treatment. This is where hypnotherapy comes in, and can also be used alongside other treatments.

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“Before I met Keith at Intuity to start hypnotherapy I had an addiction that I myself did not see that could stop. This was until I met Keith. He is an extraordinary human being. He helped me over come my addiction with hypnotherapy. He opened my eyes to other ways in my mind of dealing with this problem. I'm truly grateful to Keith for all the help and support he has given me. I highly recommend you go and see him if you have any problems of your own that you need help with. TRUST ME IT'S WORTH IT!! ”
 —  Graham

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