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"My 11 year old son was suffering from quite severe insomnia and panic attacks that were related to his perceived inability to get to sleep and the worries about the impact this would have on his life.
After trying other options we decided to try hypnotherapy and we found Keith Hodge nearby in Hove. After five sessions my sons problems had largely melted away and he had regained his confidence about his ability to get to sleep and now, a few months later, he is sleeping fine and these problems seems firmly in the past (touch wood!)."   -   SJC, Father of two, West Hove  

Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

Bed Wetting

“When an 11 year old boy dreads sleepovers and school trips because he wets the bed, it adds an extra stress to an already demanding little life . Over a number of hypnotherapy sessions with Keith - including a breakthrough online session (online/WhatsApp video with Keith REALLY works) - my son stopped bed-wetting entirely. It took about 6 sessions. Choosing any therapy for a child feels like a big step and I chose Keith when I read, on his website, about his experience in this area. Our family struck gold. My son liked and related to Keith immediately - OK, he was a little reluctant at the first session but Keith is so patient and kind and this soon passed. Keith is also cool enough for kids/teens to connect with, which really helps! Keith made hypnotherapy understandable and relatable and not scary. The sessions were fun for my son - something he looked forward to. I was always welcome in the room and I was simply impressed by Keith´s skill and age-appropriate style and approach. His methods have transformed our family.”
 —  Madeleine - West London

Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for Children and Teenagers

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping the emotional and resulting physical problems which occur in children and teenagers. Growing up can be hard with all the new and challenging experiences, and they may simply not yet be equipped to cope with the associated emotions. Fortunately young people spend a large part of their lives using vivid imagination which makes them very receptive to hypnotherapy.

Children mature at different ages, but as a rough guide the minimum age for hypnotherapy is about 8 years old. They need a reasonable attention span and understanding of straightforward language. The methods I use vary with the maturity of the child. It is important for young children that the therapy is gentle and fun so that they can easily visualise the path of the story I am engaging them in. I use guided imagination when the child's mind is relaxed to make positive suggestions to release worries and build confidence, enabling the child to cope better with feelings in the future. For older children and teenagers it is important to reflect their interests and be sensitive to the different problems they face in this transitional phase to independence and adulthood.

There are many fears, habits or worries that a child can develop.
The type of problems that can be helped are:

• Anxiety in teenagers
• Sleep problems
• Behaviour problems
• Anxiety and panic problems
• Asthma/Eczma
• Bed wetting and daytime wetting
• School phobia and other school problems
• Shyness/Blushing
• Eating problems
• Thumb sucking/Nail biting/Hair pulling
• Bullying
• Aggression
• Fear of dentists, thunderstorms, spiders etc.

I offer a free telephone consultation. During this I need to establish what your view of the problem is as the parent or guardian. We will also need to ensure that the idea of seeing a therapist is introduced so that your child is happy to participate - it is important that he/she does not feel he/she is being examined, called to account or put on the spot in any way. If your child is under 16 you must accompany them to the session. We also need to discuss whether you stay during the session. Younger children will probably be happier with you there. Older teenagers may feel less inhibited without you there. After the telephone consultation, if you need time to think about it or discuss it between yourselves as parents before coming back to me that is absolutely fine. There is no obligation to proceed at all.

Appointments available at Brighton and Egham.

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Sleep Problems

“After having a child who has always found sleeping difficult (getting to sleep and staying asleep) and years on and off Melatonin to aid insomnia, a friend jokingly said I should try hypnosis on Oliver. I started to do some research as I’d never had any experience of hypnotherapy before and came across Keith @ Intuity. I started to wonder.....what if this could work. Oliver at the age of 9 had had a few failed sleepovers with friends and had a 4 night residential trip with school looming....we had NO idea how he was going to do this!

When I first made contact with Keith, he listened, gave advice about how hypnotherapy worked and told me how the sessions would work. More importantly, he gave me confidence that he could help.

There was no pressure, but with Oliver on board to give it a go, we booked our first appointment.

It is by far the best thing we have ever done. I am astounded by the results and they were almost instant. After just one session Oliver was able to fall asleep within minutes of getting into bed and awoke during the night only once (between 7-9 times had been his average up until this point).

After his second session Oliver went away on his 4 night residential trip and slept really well with his friends, with no problems! After just 3 sessions his sleeping is consistent each night, he no longer wakes during the night and is a happier, more confident boy.

Keith and Oliver have a great rapport. Keith tailors his sessions around Oliver’s interests and Oliver really enjoys their meetings.

I would absolutely and totally recommend Keith; he’s professional, approachable and makes his clients feel totally at ease.”
 —  Anita 2016

Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person