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Eating Issues Hypnotherapy

Comfort Eating

If you comfort eat regularly, then trying to reduce the comfort eating alone is very difficult and can be painful and emotionally depressing. As you know, food is not the real problem - that's just the symptom. The real cause of comfort eating lies with the underlying feelings and emotions that are being suppressed. When you let go of the emotional attachment to food and your underlying issues have been resolved, the comfort eating will reduce or disappear all by itself. Hypnotherapy can help you do this and the result means that you will feel no deprivation, no need for will power and no longer desire to comfort eat when you are feeling unhappy and after a while you will most likely lose some weight without even thinking about it. Feeling better inside and also when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Bad Eating Habits - Bingeing

If you are suffering with bad eating habits, that you wish to change, including bad behaviours and attitudes around food, eating and weight, hypnotherapy and hypnosis can really make a difference. Owing to the very nature of your problem, it is virtually guaranteed there are emotional issues involved and these have usually manifested themselves into you feeling uncomfortable, out of control or guilty and ashamed around food, eating and your weight.

Hypnotherapy can help you in several ways, depending upon your particular problem and individual circumstances. Reducing the urges, feeling in control and feeling 'normal' again are just some of the typical benefits you will experience after hypnotherapy sessions. If you regularly overeat or indulge in binge eating, you know what it feels like being out of control, physically uncomfortable and filled with remorse. Having urges that you may experience like a 'secret, greedy person' inside, like there is a different part of you takes over. There is a way to change the habit and control the urges, so you feel more relaxed around food and more in control of your eating. Hypnotherapy can help you deal with it and reach the place within you from where the bad habit has arisen and get in touch with and heal you inside. Once your emotional attachment to food has been resolved you will no longer desire to overeat or binge-eat. Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool to help you get control of your eating.

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