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"Hi Keith , I wanted to thank you once again for stopping my exam anxiety in its tracks with that one session back in December. It's such a relief to sit down with a test paper and not to be overtaken with a blinding white panic and my brain going blank. The anxiety was escalating with each test and I was starting to wonder if I'd be able to continue with the course because of it, so I'm glad that your treatment has shown me it can go away and I can focus on retrieving and relaying the knowledge I have in my head.

I've already recommended you to two people in a similar situation, and will continue to do so with anyone else I come across. Thanks again" - Lesley  

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Tips For Your Revision

Make a start!
Making a start in good time is often the hardest thing - once you have made some progress it gets easier.

Make a revision timetable.
Do this to fit everything in and to help you keep track of your progress.

Write things down as you learn them.
The act of writing things helps to fix them in your mind, and you are practicing what you will actually do in the exam.

Practice on past papers.
If past papers are available then you will become familiar with the format of the questions and less likely to panic in the exam.

Take regular breaks and exercise.
There is no point in sitting there staring at facts without taking them in. Take regular exercise breaks like going out in the fresh air and walking to clear your mind and reward yourself.

Exam Nerves Hypnosis in Brighton and Egham

If you're suffering from exam nerves or poor memory then hypnotherapy can help you to:

• Overcome exam nerves and anxiety.
• Overcome fear of failure.
• Increase your confidence, concentration and motivation.
• Enable you to feel more relaxed and in control during the exam, helping you to think clearly and recall information better.

Exam Revision BooksDoing well in exams requires 2 separate skills. First you need to acquire and understand the subject material. In an ideal world this ought to be enough to do well.

However, during the exam you also need to keep calm and think clearly enough to read and understand the questions, plan and prioritize your answers, recall the material and use its principles to write down the correct answers in the time available, all the while knowing how important it is to pass this exam for your future.

The stress of all this can be very hard on the high proportion of us who tend to react to stress with the "fight or flight response", a racing heart and mind stopping us thinking clearly.

It is hard for our children who have little experience, and on those who have struggled with exam stress in the past and have lost confidence to do well in the future.

Getting Back in Control

During a hypnosis session, although you are fully conscious and in control, you are in a state of deep relaxation. Whilst in this state positive suggestions can be made to the subconscious mind. The effect of these suggestions is to change the automatic responses you get from your subconscious mind to challenging situations. You no longer experience spiralling anxiety when faced with an exam, but are able to stay calm and think clearly. Negative thought cycles can also be stopped, and so instead of constantly thinking you might fail, your confidence improves, further enabling you to stay calm, focus and produce your best.

I offer my exam hypnotherapy services to all age groups from 11+ and common entrance exams through A levels and degrees to professional diplomas etc.

If you are seeking hypnotherapy for your son or daughter then if they are under 16 you must accompany them to the session.

I usually find that exam nerves require between 1 and 3 sessions before you attend the exam. Often just 1 session can be hugely beneficial.

Appointments available at Brighton and Egham.

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Success for you in the exam will be a team effort - I'll look after your nerves and you'll look after the exam preparation. Together we will get the result we want. Some tips to help with revision are on the left and some exam tips are below.

Tips For The Exam

Drink normally on the day.
There is evidence that dehydration can cause a decline in alertness, concentration and working memory.

Assuming the exam has a choice of questions then:

Know the format of the exam.
Before you attend the exam, try to know the rough format and allocation of marks.

Allow time to read through the exam paper.
Allow perhaps 5 minutes to read through the questions, marking off the ones you can answer in priority order. This is the time at which stress is likely to be at its highest, so be careful to not rush too much and make sure you do not misinterpret what the question is asking.

Timing is everything.
Make sure you have selected the correct number of questions to answer. Decide on the clock what time each question should finish and stick to it. Re-read each question before you answer it. If you can manage to leave some time at the end then use it to read through your answers. Even just a minute can be used to spot mistakes and push up your marks.