Intuity Practitioner Training - Level 1

Are you fulfilled in your work, financially and in your relationships?

Maybe you feel stuck, disempowered and unable to create a life full of passion and meaning?

Perhaps you’re seeking to develop your ability as a healer?

Would you like to generate more effective, powerful results for your clients and in your own healing journey?

How would your life change if you were able to move yourself through emotional blocks, negative reactions and the stories you tell yourself into a place where you are empowered and effective in any given moment?

Intuity Practitioner Training - Level 1     

The Intuity practitioner training level 1 offers you an accessible, grounded and extensive language of healing that teaches you how to skilfully discern a wide range of energies to facilitate profound transformation in yourself and your clients. 

You will learn specialist skills that expand and develop your healing abilities in a live, supported environment. You will complete the practitioner training programme with the ability to confidently address challenging situations in your client work and in your self-healing.

Who is this training for?

Whether you are an experienced healer or are starting your healing journey, the Intuity practitioner training will teach you to access your gifts, apply them and train you to take your healing ability to the next level.

About the teacher

Keith Hodge, the founder of the Intuity Healing Academy, has over 12 years of experience as an energy healer and with facilitating workshops. He brings a heart focused and empowering approach to healing and self-realisation.

Keith has partnered with Shabdan in the creation of this course. Several modules include the study of Towards Mastership an in depth manual based on over twenty years of training and knowledge Shabdan received directly from spirit. He has developed a healing system with an extensive handbook containing remarkable and easy-to-use tools, insightful healing training, plus attunements and techniques for clearing issues that you will come up against while healing yourself or working with clients.


2018 Weekend Dates in Brighton: 

February 3rd & 4th

March 3rd & 4th

April 7th & 8th

May 5th & 6th

June 2nd & 3rd

July 7th & 8th

For more information or to register†call Keith on 07795 263 822 or email

Practitioner training includes:

  • Discover the 13 chakras system

  • Develop the ability to discern a wide range of energy blocks and issues

  • Break free from karmic patterns that bind and limit you

  • Learn how to protect yourself from psychic attack

  • Understand how to trace your emotions to bring healing to you inner child

  • Develop tools to heal past life experiences

  • Learn light language

  • Gain awareness about aspects and core aspects to heal these within yourself and your clients

  • An opportunity to be part of an amazing group of practitioners, supporting you through a journey of self discovery, hands on training and transformation

  • And much more!


"Ground breaking, exceptional, like nothing i've ever experienced or anticipated! The group is amazing, the likes I have never met before. Keith is a truly gifted healer and it shows up in every aspect of this work and the training received on this course" Diane 2016 practitioner training

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