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If you want to reduce your alcohol intake to a healthier level then hypnotherapy can often give you this control in just a few sessions. It is the ideal tool for reducing drinking which has crept up as a result of habit, stress or social pressure.

Hypnotherapy is very good for dealing with any emotional link to alcohol. It can reduce your desire for drink and remove any cravings.

Alcohol drinking can easily get out of control because it is so readily available and is such a normal part of socialising. Reaching for a drink to unwind after a long day can so easily become part of the daily routine.

Particular events in your life can also trigger increased drinking such as bereavement, relationship issues, or being made redundant.

There is, of course, a complete range of alcohol consumption between total abstinence and alcoholism. Many people are a long way from being alcoholics, but nevertheless regularly exceed lower risk limits by a certain amount and are therefore risking their health. They may wish to reduce their intake to within lower limits without giving it up completely.

Others wish to curb the damaging effects of sudden peaks in alcohol consumption associated with binge drinking.

At higher levels danger signals can include:

  • Drinking on your own.
  • Feeling the need for alcohol.
  • Noticing an effect on your work.
  • Believing a few drinks a week is unrealistic.
  • Someone else is concerned about your drinking.
  • Your relationship with others is starting to be affected.

Getting Back in Control

The hypnotherapy will be tailored to you individually by establishing what the current level of your alcohol intake is, whether you wish to just lower the level or give up completely and what the main drinking drivers are for you personally.

If your drinking is mainly habitual, then hypnotherapy will be used to remove the subconscious triggers which are driving the habit.

If it is stress related then drinking will be replaced with better coping strategies.

If it is social then hypnotherapy will be used to build your confidence and self esteem so that you feel comfortable enjoying the company of friends drinking alcohol without drinking alcohol yourself.

Whatever your level of drinking, give me a call and discuss it with me in confidence. I offer a free phone consultation.

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"I went to see Keith because I was drinking too much. I drank most days and I did not seem to know when to stop, which worried me and those close to me.

Keith took the time to understand my life and to establish the reasons for my excessive drinking. Over three sessions, he enabled me to cut with my past and to establish a new and different connection with alcohol. I am now able to enjoy a drink socially and my life has improved considerably. I cannot recommend this therapy enough – thank you Keith."   -   John,  Surrey

Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

Appointments available at Brighton and Egham.

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“ I would like to thank Keith for everything he has done for me in my battle against binge drinking. As a big sceptic of any alternative therapy especially Hypnotherapy I entered treatment with caution. After the first session to my surprise I could already feel results. Keith didn't put any pressure on me to have more sessions than was necessary and encouraged me throughout, even when I felt I wasn't doing so well. Since my last session, I have seen drastic results. I would recommend Keith to anyone who wants to get control over their drinking habits.”
 —  Tom

  Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

“ Thank you very much for a great service that really works. I'm really feeling the benefits and you have brought about a really positive change in my life. Things are going well despite a stressful period at work recently.

I have lost about 20lbs and haven't had a drink for 8 weeks! I also feel more healthy and have higher energy levels.”
 —  Charlie, Surrey 2014

  Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

“Keith I just wanted to let u know that i didnt drink a drop yesterday and didnt have any urge to!! I'm amazed, the hypotherapy was such an enormous success and i am thrilled to bits. thank u so much i feel like such a weight has been lifted. have a great weekend”
 —  Jen Egham

  Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

“Keith was a great help in me realising that binge drinking was not the way forward for a man turning 40. Although I did not drink on a regular basis I did have an issue with an off switch when I did drink with friends and this stared to cause problems with my family life. He helped me realise that I had a juvenile relationship with alcohol and that I needed to separate the way I drank when I was in my twenties to how I was now. Once I spent sometime with him and discussing it, it all made sense and I can still enjoy a drink with friends, but have managed to realise that there is a time to stop.”
 —  Luke

  Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person