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Lack of Confidence - Low Self-Esteem

Confidence is of primary importance in many of the problems I deal with, from social anxiety to losing weight and many more. Almost every issue benefits from using confidence building hypnotherapy first.

Closely connected to confidence is self-esteem - the set of judgements we make about ourselves, and the value we put on ourselves. Our self-esteem profoundly affects the way we interact with the world - our thinking, attitudes, behaviour, social effectiveness - and ultimately our wellbeing.

Nobody is born with low self confidence, it is negative life experiences that lower our self belief. Our behaviour has been learnt as a result of coping as best we can with situations and people in the past. This past goes right back to our childhood. A child can learn very quickly that humiliation and embarrassment can be avoided by being quiet. This "survival strategy" can stay with someone all their life, even though their capabilities and successes have multiplied many times since. These deep-rooted emotions remain in the subconscious mind and resist conscious rational attempts to remove them.

Confidence can also be damaged in later life by negative situations that have not been met before such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy. Whether we are young or old when these negative experiences occur, the feeling is that they are out of our control, leading to withdrawal and low self-esteem.

Although you cannot change this history, using hypnotherapy you can change the effect this history is having on your current thoughts and self image. My aim is to remove negative thought processes being generated in your subconscious mind and restore your natural self confidence. I also aim to help you relax and achieve a state of mind where self acceptance enables you to focus and become more effective - to learn from your mistakes rather than be frightened to make them, secure in the knowledge that you are largely on the right track. I use a number of techniques to achieve this during hypnosis, including suggestion, imagery and mental rehearsal.

Whilst some improvement may be seen after a single session, I normally expect confidence hypnotherapy to take between 3 and 6 sessions. Developing new and positive ways of thinking and feeling during these sessions can literally change your life.

The first step in solving the problem is to talk to someone who is supportive and understanding. Hypnotherapy is safe and pleasant and you are in control throughout the treatment.

Appointments available at Brighton and Egham.

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions Are Available As An Option From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

They are equally effective as seeing me in person and have been invaluable since the covid pandemic