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My healing work encompasses most forms of personal problems, psychic issues, relationship issues and emotional problems. My experience draws deeply on my own healing journey and I hold great empathy and understanding of my clients' needs. I have a wealth of tools and experience to draw upon which allows me to offer assistance for a wide range of problems. Sometimes, of course, a client may not be ready to move on and let go of old patterns. I always respect this and support the client as far as possible.

During a session I invite in the energy and wisdom of the Ascended Masters (highly evolved guides) and utilise shamanic techniques. This form of healing can be very powerful and has the potential to act as a catalyst towards profound and beneficial changes in your life.

If the client is interested, I offer teachings during a session, to empower them with techniques to help themselves more effectively through their own self healing work.

Sometimes the healing will involve receiving quietly and talking through the treatment once it has completed. Other sessions will involve a more active participation from the client, as whilst in a meditative state, they are guided through a shamanic journey. It can be helpful to book regular sessions at whatever interval is comfortable from once a week to as little as twice a year. In this way proper focus is maintained on the healing journey and difficult issues can be addressed.

Sessions last 1 hour.

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"Keith is very professional in his approach, and works with great sensitivity and integrity. He has the ability to make the client feel relaxed and comfortable, and intuitively tunes in to the deeper levels of a person’s problems. Keith is obviously a very gifted healer and I have been very pleased with the results." — Helen Sewell

Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

Appointments available at Brighton and Egham.

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