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Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Performance Anxiety -
Fear of Public Speaking

Performance anxiety can arise in relation to public speaking, acting, singing, giving a speech at a wedding, attending a job interview, performing in a sport, taking an exam or driving test - in fact any situation where you are called upon to perform in some way.

This anxiety arises as the result of fear, and we react just as our ancestors did, with the classic "flight or fight" response - racing heart, tensing muscles etc. This may have aided our survival in past millennia, but it does not exactly help in giving a presentation.

The key is to lower the fear and prevent this automatic response, allowing you to relax and keep your concentration and composure. Easier said than done I hear you say, and I would agree with you were it not for hypnotherapy, which gets to the source of the fear - your subconscious mind.

The way we solve problems in our normal life is to think about them. With performance anxiety this does not work - thinking about the performance makes it worse. We get stuck in a kind of feedback loop, which convinces us we just cannot handle the situation. The reason is that the subconscious mind is generating negative thoughts and 'what if's' that pump up the anxiety. Hypnotherapy can break this loop by changing the input from your subconscious mind, enabling you to react much more calmly.

As with so many things in life that are worth doing, the early hurdles that you have to cross may seem high. I can help you lower the height of those hurdles, but you will still get a tremendous sense of achievement once you are over them.

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"Hi Kieth, I just thought I'd let you know that all went really well with the presentation on Thursday. On top of that, the real surprise and the one which is more noticeable is how much more confident I am now to air my views in seminars; I feel so empowered. Thank you
Kind regards" -   Michelle

Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

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“Hi Keith, just a quick message to let you know that it all went better than I could of ever imagined over the weekend. I delivered what I wanted to with complete confidence and kept myself present throughout the whole day.

I want to say a huge thank you for your services & honestly believe I couldn't done it without your training. I'll be highly recommending you to everyone & anyone. I'll be sure to keep your details.

Kind regards ”

Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person