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Shamanism is an ancient healing practise that has been used and developed over thousands of years. From a shamanic perspective, the whole universe is made up of moving energy. A shaman understands that at our core we are all made of energy and that outer symptoms will always have a direct energetic root cause. They are able to assist in healing imbalances that are occurring for a person in their lives, by releasing these root energetic blocks and helping them to connect with their own innate, inner wisdom.

One of the major techniques used in shamanism is soul retrieval. When someone experiences a traumatic event, part of their energetic core that is unable to deal with this experience can leave them. Trauma is relative to the individual experiencing it, so it could be a difficult experience such as physical abuse. On a more simple level it could be from being left alone for an hour as a baby, who has no other experience to relate to and feels it is life threatening, thus forming the belief system they are not safe and subconsciously carrying this into their adult life.

Have you ever met someone who has recently been through a trauma of some kind and it seemed to you like they are not fully there? In hypnotherapy or psychology terms this is called dissociation. It is a natural method of self protection. However problems can arise when the part that has left does not return due to a resistance or inability of the person to deal with what happened. Symptoms of soul loss can be the feeling that something is missing and continuously searching externally to one′s self to fill this hole. This can lead to addiction of one form or another, depression, lack of joy, low energy, or simply a feeling that there is more to life. When you are ready, (often without having to revisit the difficult experience) a soul part or several parts can be retrieved during a session and integrated back with the rest of you. After soul retrieval, during the months that follow, a shift usually occurs within you as part of your personality that had previously been missing is rediscovered.

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