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Keith Hodge

My name is Keith Hodge and I am a registered clinical hypnotherapist in Egham.

Hypnotherapy, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, can be a very powerful way to achieve lasting weight loss. I have helped many clients reach their goal of a stable, lower body weight which is healthy for their frame, but who still enjoy their food.

We all eat every day of our lives. Small wonder then that habits and emotional attachments form around food. Whether we realise it or not, they are all stored away in our subconscious minds and are very difficult to change without help.

Certainly we can overrule them for a while. The word "diet" means consciously following an eating regime which is not our normal one. But eventually life returns to normal, nothing has been done to change our unconscious habits, and so the old eating patterns return. The result of repeated diets is a fluctuating body weight which is probably more damaging for us than a stable one. This damage is twofold - our self-esteem takes a hammering because of failure, and there is plenty of research indicating it is physically not good for our bodies.

Measuring weight lossHypnosis can enable you to turn your subconscious mind from an obstacle which blocks progress into a powerful ally. It is the perfect tool to change eating habits into healthy ones and attain lasting motivation. It can help you achieve a more attractive body shape and avoid the health risks associated with excessive weight. You will find that eating is simply not such an issue for you any more, you just prefer to eat healthily.

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"My weight has come down remarkably since seeing Keith. I feel happier and more self confident." - Charlotte

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The Hypnotherapy Sessions

The weight loss programme will be tailored to your individual needs, and can involve between 2 and 6 sessions.

Hypnotherapy sessions last 1 hour and cost £120.

Appointments available  here  in Egham.

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