Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy

Panic attacks are very frightening, but also very treatable, and respond well to hypnotherapy.

Possible symptoms of a panic attack are:

• Shaking and trembling
• Rapid, pounding heartbeat
• Difficulty breathing
• Chest pain or tightness
• Sweating and flushing
• Nausea
• Dizziness or faintness
• Dry mouth
• Feeling of losing control
• Fear of dying

The panic attack can occur suddenly out of the blue, and last perhaps 20 or 30 minutes.

The experience can be so intense that the person may be convinced that they are having a heart attack, which adds to the panic. The person may well hyperventilate, and be unable to express to others what is happening to them.

Human beings have evolved a "fight or flight" response, a kind of alarm system which has helped our ancestors avoid immediate danger, but which is often inappropriate in today's world. This natural response is triggered in a panic attack by high levels of anxiety. Hypnosis can be very effective at resetting the level at which the alarm is triggered and lowering anxiety, so that panic attacks no longer occur.

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