Fears and Phobias

Phobias are the most common form of anxiety disorder.

The feeling of fear in certain situations is normal, and is part of our "flight or fight response" which has evolved to aid our survival. Phobias, on the other hand, involve such high levels of fear, out of all proportion to the threat, that they are irrational. Sufferers are generally well aware of this, but feel out of control, and can go to great lengths to avoid the situation arising.

The list of situations which can elicit a phobic response is almost endless, but some of the more common ones are:

  • Specific phobias : fear of spiders, heights, flying, driving, needles, dental treatment, confined spaces.
  • Social phobias : fear of scrutiny and judgement by others, performance anxiety.
  • Agoraphobia : fear of leaving familiar safe area (home).

There is a complete spectrum of possible responses that you may experience, from mild anxiety to full panic attacks. Phobias can often get worse over time. If you find that the phobia is interfering with your normal life then it is time to get help.

Hypnotherapy can help with phobias in a number of ways. Deep relaxation can be achieved, reducing levels of stress and anxiety, and allowing gradual desensitisation to the causal event. Hypnotherapy can help you reduce negative thinking, help you to think more positively and feel more confident by changing the way your mind interprets situations. You then begin to respond more naturally to situations, which leaves you feeling more calm, relaxed and in control. Under hypnosis this is often done by suggesting more positive ideas into your mind, replacing the negative ones and sometimes it is done by removing negative programming that is already in your mind from an earlier experience. Even if you don't know where the fear comes from, you can still undo or remove the limiting thoughts that have been creating your problem.

The phobia can often be removed in just one or two sessions. If the phobia has been going on for a long time, possibly accompanied by panic attacks, then it can take longer, possibly on average about four sessions.

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Phobia of Surgery and Needles:

“Hello Keith, had a major success at the weekend, went through with the surgery.
There is no doubt the sessions with you helped a great deal. The coping mechanism and the abilty to relax in such a daunting enviroment.
My partner was with me all the time and even at the anesthetic room, and I had my favourite music playing.
I felt scared no doubt, but not petrified as I had felt the time previously, before having the hypnotherapy when my panic attack stopped me being able to go through with the operation.
Thank you Keith and for seeing me at such short notice.
Thank you”
 —  Ricki

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