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"At 47, and 35 years of smoking - for the most part 40 a day - I arrived at Keith's with trepidation and truthfully low expectations.

I have had experience of other hypnotherapists etc. but there is no doubt in my mind that Keith has a whole lot more in his tool bag than most - if one way does not work then he is wise and skilled enough to pull out another resource to ensure success... that is how it worked for me!

By the end of my second session I knew I was unlikely to ever look back, and now four months on and still a staunch non-smoker I am even more optimistic."   -   Mary  

Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person
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“With a smoking record spanning 15 years, an annoying habit I had never managed to get rid of, I went into the session as a smoker and came out as a non smoker, that was back in March 2007.”
 —  David *

“I have seen Keith for hypnotherapy to give up smoking, and it worked ! Am thrilled, from the moment I walked out I had no thoughts of smoking, brilliant, I am thrilled, I really recommend Keith.”
 —  Vicki *

“Hi Keith, happy to tell you that I have not had any moments of weakness and am finally a non-smoker! Thanks,”
 —  A.M. *

Stop Smoking Brighton & Hove and Egham, Surrey

Quitting For Good

I have been helping smokers quit for the last 15 years.

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to stop smoking. I have helped many clients quit smoking who have failed using patches etc. Most people need some help to get their unconscious habits to fall into line with their conscious decision to stop. I have excellent feedback from my clients (see testimonial left and more at the bottom) and have a high success rate.

BBC stop smoking hypnotherapy video Hypnotherapy is effective because it addresses the 2 main problems which cause the smoking habit to be so difficult to break, the cravings and the triggers which cause the automatic subconscious response of needing a cigarette.

Cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be reduced to very little, sometimes none at all.

By addressing the subconscious mind directly, the link which has been ingrained into you over many years between certain regular events and smoking is broken. For example thinking about a problem may well cause you to reach for a cigarette at the moment, but after hypnotherapy it no longer occurs to you to do so and you do not feel the need to do so.

You may get additional benefits, like feeling 'different in some way' or 'that a shift in attitude has occurred' that makes the whole idea of smoking seem unappealing and undesirable. You may also view smoking as an outdated habit, a thing from your past, a relic that no longer serves you. It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 80, smoke 6-a-week or 60-a-day or indulge in smoking cannabis as well. There are no limits and no limitations. If you have the genuine desire to quit smoking, you can.

Your initial telephone consultation is free and carries no obligation to proceed. Following this, you will attend one, or two sessions (dependent upon your circumstances and level of smoking).

Single session treatment costs £135. Double session treatment costs £240.
Online single session treatment costs £135. Online double session treatment costs £240.

One session is best suited for those who are ready to quit straight away and have maybe had some exposure to hypnotherapy before. Two sessions allow for a full case history to be taken on the first visit, along with a session of hypnosis so that you can gain an experience of what this involves and so that some initial changes can be put in place. This way you are totally ready to quit by the second session when the full stop smoking treatment is given.

For a free initial telephone consultation, contact me

Appointments available at Brighton and Egham.

“As a smoker, I could find no way of giving up. Having tried NHS, willpower and hypnosis with other therapists, I had varying results, but none so effective and confidence giving as with Keith. There has been no question of me smoking now for a full 2 years. Thoroughly enjoyable sessions.”
 —  Ann *

“Dear Keith,
I am so very happy to report that after 3 months everything is still as it should be - I am a very happy non-smoker!

I can honestly say that meeting Keith has changed my life. It felt as if we were embarking on a journey that was tailor made to meet my individual needs, and ensured a positive outcome.

I was a smoker for over 20 years, and tried many many times to quit, but all to no avail. Now, through Keith's guidance, I feel as though a new and happier chapter in my life has begun. I am no longer a slave to nicotine, I no longer have the night worries about what I am doing to my health. I am a non-smoker - and that is how I shall remain.

Keith is indeed an exceptionally intuitive professional in his field, and I firmly believe the help and guidance he offers is totally unique and highly effective. ”
 —  Nikki *

“Hi Keith, not sure if you remember me but I came to you for my second appt on thurs 30 Oct. I have amazingly now gone three weeks without one cigarette, something I never thought I would be able to achieve! I cannot thank you enough!! You are brilliant at what you do and I hope you continue to help people like you have helped me.”
 —  Hema, Egham 2014 *

* Legal Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person