Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Social anxiety or social phobia is essentially the fear of being judged by others. Hypnotherapy is effective in reducing anxiety, overcoming shyness and increasing self confidence.

The symptoms of social anxiety are wide ranging, but can include:

  • Very sensitive to being observed or criticised
  • Avoiding eye contact with others
  • Great fear of public speaking or presentation giving
  • Intimidated by large groups of people
  • Blushing, stuttering, feeling panicky or anxious in a social setting
  • Fear of any situation where you may be judged or commented upon, such as meeting new people, authority figures or taking tests.

Social anxiety starts in childhood and often get worse over time. The problem of communication apprehension is well known in schools and it is very difficult to help all shy pupils. Negative life experiences can reinforce the anxiety. If a person is repeatedly put in situations where they feel judged as inferior then they develop negative beliefs about themselves. The problem feeds on itself, because if the person believes, for example, that they are a poor communicator, it tends to make them so.

There is a complete spectrum of possible feelings that may be experienced, from mild anxiety to full panic attacks. We are all different, of course, and many people would not choose to have the spotlight on them even if it did not make them feel anxious. But if you feel that it is interfering with your life then it is time to get help.

Hypnotherapy can be used to remove the subconcious associations triggering the anxiety in social situations. The negative beliefs which are blocking you can be removed so that you can get control of the thought patterns that have been learned in the past. Your confidence and self-esteem can be improved to help you in the future.

The first step in solving the problem is to talk to someone who is supportive and understanding. Hypnotherapy is safe and pleasant and you are in control throughout the treatment.

Whatever level of discomfort you feel in social settings, from mild to full social phobia, give me a call and discuss it with me in confidence. I offer a free phone consultation.

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